While the image of horseback riding has fallen and is in trouble, it is     necessary to improve the image of horseback riding through the revitalization of youth and disabled   horseback riding, and the role of the media is important. Racing Media, as a watchman in the horse industry, specializes in ev  erything about horses through the Horse Industry Journal and the Horse Culture Newspaper, and emphasizes its role as a media outlet that in-depth sheds light on the horse industry and related industries and horse culture. An off  icial from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said, "The horse industry has great growth potential and added value in proportion to the increase in national inco  me. It is expected to induce significant economic effects such as the creation of jobs i  n related industries." We hope that the disabled will also enjoy health and happiness through horseback riding, and   that the disabled will actively participate in jobs in the horse industry and horse-related industries, which will


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